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Strum your way into people’s hearts by starting guitar lessons! The guitar is a fun way to learn a new skill and it will help you or your child develop a new passion for music. Who hasn’t heard an exciting new riff or seen a rockstar jam out on a guitar? There are many different ways to benefit from learning guitar too. It will help with hand-eye coordination and give them stronger and more flexible hands. It’s also an opportunity to widen their attention span and develop new ways to focus.

Our teachers are top-notch instructors that excel in their field of choice and are passionate about teaching. Whether you’re looking for an instructor to help your student start exploring music and dance, or your child already has years of experience, we have someone to meet your needs! We take care to match you to a teacher that can exceed all your wildest expectations. Our instructors are not just here to educate, they are here to build relationships with you and your child. So, get ready to share memories and experiences with each other!

Here at Omaha School of Music and Dance, our philosophy is to be here to aid your students’ progress. This philosophy can mean helping your student develop good practice habits and teaching your child the importance of perseverance. Our instructors are also ready to jump in and help fix bad habits that may have never been corrected or are persistent hindrances to your child’s success. Our school is also ready to teach advanced dance techniques and complicated music theory if this is the next step in your child’s progression. Whatever your child’s unique learning needs are, we are here to exceed your music and dance expectations!

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