Why Guitar Lessons at OSMD

Here at Omaha School of Music and Dance, guitar lessons are just one of the classes we offer! We have a few different instructors who teach guitar at OSMD, which allows for flexibility. If playing the guitar, in any or many of its styles and types, is something that you are interested in, this would be a great match for you!

Why Guitar?

  1. Playing the guitar gives you choice on what role you want to playin music, and in life. Do you want to play rhythm or lead guitar? Acoustic or electric? Do you want to be a part of a band or play alone for fun in your room? What kind of music will you play, and even create? The options are all up to you, and shape one important part of who you want to be.
  2. You may improve your hand-eye coordination. Playing the guitar requires that both of your hands be doing very different functions at the same time. It can be confusing for our brains and fingers when we first start playing – but, give it time, and you will find that your ability to control your muscles in different ways has improved (and made you an awesome guitar player)!
  3. Playing the guitar may enhance your confidence in front of people. It’s fun to play the guitar alone, but at some point in time, many people like to find ways to share their musical gifts with the world around them. Whether you choose to play on a stage, a street corner, or in a recording booth; the music you present from your guitar will demonstrate a new level of confidence and will bless the ones who hear and see you play.
  4. You’ll embrace “fun discipline.” Getting good at the guitar requires consistent practice, but the time spent doing so allows for plenty of freedom, relaxation, and fun. Most probably, it’s going to be more fun than your other “chores;” and when you begin to see the fruits of your labors, you will be glad you spent that time practicing!
  5. Playing the guitar breeds connection. Whether jamming with your friends or imitating the picking patterns of the song that made you feel deeply; it’s no secret that playing the guitar makes us feel closer to people and allows ourselves to be known, too.

This school offers many other classes if guitar lessons aren’t right for you – we have a wide variety of music and dance options, so you’re sure to find something of interest to you! If you are interested, please reach out to OSMD at omahaschoolofmusicanddance.com or call us at 402-515-9629. You can also email us at info@osomad.com We are located at the N.W. corner of 144thand Dodge. 

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