Group Lessons vs. Private Lessons – What’s the Best Fit?

Group Lessons vs. Private Lessons—What’s the Best Fit?

The Omaha School of Music and Dance offers two styles of classes: group lesson, and private. Depending on a student’s previous experience with music, the studio might suggest one over the other. How do we make such recommendations?

Most of our group classes are geared towards beginners—students who have never read music before, sat at a piano, or handled a violin. The group classroom environment can be incredibly exciting and motivating for young children who are energized in groups of their friends. The Omaha School of Music and Dance has group classes available for piano, violin, and children’s vocal lessons. We even have an adult group class as an introduction to violin.

Most dance classes at the school are group classes, but our dance instructors are also available for private dance lessons. This option is popular among wedding parties looking for some practice on first dances before celebrating at the reception.

Group Lesson, particularly in music, is geared towards teaching the basics. The goal is to provide a student with enough knowledge and inspiration to move into private lessons, where they will receive more individualized attention.

Private lessons can be a good fit for young children, but it depends on their personal motivation, maturity, and ability to focus for extended periods of time. Usually, private lessons begin for students aged 10years and older. Because of the individualized attention, with lessons tailored to the student’s needs, a family may notice faster progress in technique and skills.

The Omaha School of Music and Dance offers private lessons in almost every instrument you can imagine. Trombone? Check. Oboe? Check. Cello? Check. Guitar? Check. Piano? Of course! Private lessons are best suited for students who are serious about improvement in their chosen field. The goals for private lessons are whatever the student/parent wants them to be: increased technical abilities, learning and performing particular pieces, preparing for an audition, and/or improving on music assigned in school band or orchestra. Private lessons are available for any age group, even for adults revisiting their old instruments or looking to take up a new one. The Omaha School of Music and Dance is happy to set up adult students with a private instructor who understands the differing learning needs of adults versus children.

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