Why Your Teen Should be Involved in Dance

Teenagers are at a point in their life where they start trying to figure life out and sometimes struggle to do it. Dance has several benefits for teenagers when it comes to their development and should be enrolled in a teen ballet class.

  • Builds confidence and self-esteem – A teenager in high school can experience low self-esteem from other teenagers, peers, or friends. Dancing helps teenagers build their confidence and self-esteem. When performing a dance in front of people, dancers have to be confident in what moves they are doing. If they are not confident in their dance moves, they are most likely to make a mistake.
  • Builds social skills – With the transitions that teenagers are going through, it can be hard for them to socialize with peers at school or at other activities. When teenagers build their confidence in dancing, their confidence also helps their social skills. They become confident in themselves and who they are as a person. This confidence will help them be more comfortable with socializing.
  • Showmanship and performance abilities – Teenagers will learn to perform in front of audiences without fear or stage fright. Gaining showmanship and performance abilities also teach a teenager to have a strong work ethic when they are old enough to have a job.
  • Learn to work for what they want – To have dance moves perfected, dancers have to strive and practice to achieve the dance goals that they want. This is a great way for teenagers to learn to work for what they want in their daily life.
  • Nutrition – Healthy nutrition helps dancers take care of their bodies, so they can have the ability to perform the moves that they want. Dance teachers will make sure to educate dancers what they need to have healthy nutrition. This will help teenagers benefit in their constant hunger and growth.
  • Improves balance – Stamina is a requirement to fulfill tricky dance moves, or to hold a dance move for a long period of time. Dancing helps improve balance, and even prevents dizziness. Special training is taught in dance classes to keep dancers from becoming dizzy during turns.
  • Muscle strength – Teenagers will develop muscle strength in their arms, legs, and abdomen.
  • Improve memory – Dancing activates the part of the brain that works with memory and muscle memory. As dancers constantly learn dances, they constantly have to memorize. Dancers will become used to constantly memorizing that it will occur in their daily life as well. For teenagers, this can help them study for exams and build long-term memory.
  • Discipline – Teenagers want to start being independent by doing what they want when they want. The discipline taught in dance classes can help teenagers learn to be independent in a healthy way. Learning to be independent is not a bad thing. But, doing it the correct way will help the relationship between the teenager and their parents, friends, and other loved ones.

The Omaha School of Music and Dance provides Ballet and Lyrical for ages 13+, and Adult Combo for ages 18+. We would love to help teenagers with their development in a fun, safe environment! To sign up for a Trial Lesson or to register, visit https://omahaschoolofmusicanddance.com/ or call us at 402-515-9639.


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