Does Your Child Lack Social Skills? Try Piano Lessons.

With everything that has happened in the world over the last few years, some of us are lacking social skills or are missing out on making human connections. Picking up a new hobby or skill, like the piano, could be just what you or your kiddo need right now to meet new people, refine those social skills, and get out of the post-COVID rut!

Here’s how piano lessons provide opportunities for socializing in a safe environment.

Boost Confidence & Self-Esteem

Playing the piano has been shown to be a great way to boost confidence and self-esteem, which is important in any social setting. By gaining a new skill, like learning to read music and play a song on the piano, a child will feel like they’ve “leveled up” in a game, thus giving them that feeling of accomplishment. It also gives them something to talk about with their friends, family, and other teachers in their life.

Get Kids Out of the House

While signing your child up for piano lessons won’t make you an empty nester, physically taking lessons in a studio provides your kiddo a reason to get out of the house—giving them time away from screens and a real experience most of us crave. And—BONUS!—your child’s piano lessons will also give YOU a reason to leave the house and meet other parents. So, put on your Sunday best; we’re going to OSMD!

Provide a Safe Space for Execurriculars

Taking weekly piano lessons at a performing arts studio like Omaha School of Music & Dance can ensure consistent interaction with other people, including a skilled piano instructor! Our teachers and staff provide a safe space for students to learn music and express themselves without judgment. At OSMD, we pride ourselves in being a place of inclusivity, which is a key reason we do offer piano for “kids” of any age.

Meet New Friends

Music is known to be a universal language that everyone can understand and enjoy. Learning an instrument can provide many opportunities, but it will look different from person to person. There are also opportunities to meet other students and perform in front of an audience at our annual recital.

Where Can I Take Piano Lessons Near Me?

Only at Omaha School of Music & Dance will you and/or your child learn from a full-time, university-taught music teacher who lives and breathes the piano. Their passion for music is clear, and it transfers to their students. Each week, your piano instructor will review homework (AKA what was practiced at home) and move on to the next lesson to keep you learning and progressing.

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