Dance Recital Costumes – So Many Cute Costumes, How to the Teachers Decide?

It’s that time of year at OSMD…recital preparation time! We love this time of year with the students learning their dance routines and the teachers picking out the cutest costumes you’ve ever seen! There are so many to choose from, how do they do it? Here are some things our teachers keep in mind when choosing recital costumes.


  1. Song/Mood

Before they choose the costume, they choose the song. They get to know the song well and the story behind it. Then they match the costume to the song. The costume needs to reflect the tone and mood of the song in both color and style.


  1. Student age & body shape

Our teachers want to choose costumes that will look great on all of the students in their class. They keep the age of the student in mind so that they don’t choose something too mature that would make the dancers and parents uncomfortable. They also pay attention to the students’ body types and choose something that is flattering to everyone.


  1. Accessories

Accessories can make or break a costume! They can also be a great help if you are on a budget for costumes and have students in multiple dances. Keeping a simple base layer the same and changing accessories such as gloves, skirts, wings, head pieces, and tights can change things up without breaking the bank!


  1. Functional

Our teachers want to make sure all costumes are functional and will not cause any malfunctions during the recital. Wearing tight fitting costumes is usually a better idea then loose fitting. Loose fitting clothes can look sloppy and jiggly, and can get in the way of the choreography. Our teachers do a great job of choosing wisely in this department!


  1. Variety

Having variety of costumes within the same class can be a hit or miss. Usually our teachers just go with the same costume for the students within a class. However, if the mood/theme of the song warrants a variety of style or color, it can look really beautiful from the audience! They just have to be careful that the costumes don’t overpower the choreography.


  1. Pleasing EVERYONE

Of course our teachers want to please everyone when deciding on costumes, but that isn’t always possible. Moms with first time ballerinas usually want to see pink tutus. Tweens like to look edgy and rebellious. These are the types of things that our teachers keep in mind while choosing costumes.


We can’t wait for June 10 when we will see all of our wonderful dancers on stage in their beautiful/handsome costumes! We hope you will join us!  Get your child started in ballet class today and join us for the recital!   https://omahaschoolofmusicanddance.com/ballet-classes-for-kids-ages-6-9/

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