Come On In And Make Some Noise!! – Tap Dancing

Tap Dance is a form of dance inspired by many in the American Jazz music scene as well traditional Irish and Celtic dancing. Tap is appropriately named after the tapping sound specially designed shoes make when they hit the floor. These special shoes have metal plates attached to the bottom of the heel and toe. Tap is a unique dance expression because the shoes themselves become a percussion instrument, integrating music and dance in a way previously unheard of.

Overall the basics of tap dancing is regarded as being fairly easy to learn, which makes it great for young or beginner dancers! It can be easier to teach because the teachers use the sound of tap shoes to show the dancers how count and keep beat more simply than any other dance form. Being able to hear what the dance should like and not just see is a benefit that no other dance form supplies. This also why tap attracts many musicians, such as the great Fred Astaire.

Tap is extremely high energy and supplies a vast range of health benefits including cardiovascular strengthening and conditioning. Balance and the use of your feet is another skills learned in tap dancing. By solely concentrating on your feet, you’ll get tuned into the rhythm and feel. These skills, more introduced in tap, can prime you or your child to progress on to many other forms of dance such as Jazz and Hip-Hop. We have tap classes available at OSMD! Take a look and see what looks interesting to you at www.omahaschoolofmusicanddance.com!

Tap is one of the most exciting and most lighthearted forms of dance as it really focuses on energy and fun! Have you ever witnessed a tap dancer dancing while looking sad? No way, those cats are having the time of their life! Dance instructors should be just high energy and excited about tap as the new tap student is. Our expert instructors definitely fit that mold and have dedicated their whole lives to their love of dance! We are currently enrolling for tap classes as well as a litany of other dance forms! We would to bring the joy that dance has brought us into your home! Call us today to get you child tapping their little heart out!  Or go to our online registration at http://app.jackrabbitclass.com/reg.asp?id=520295!

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