How to Choose the Perfect Song for Singers Young and Old

Choosing the perfect song for that audition, talent show, or family gathering can be a challenge. You need to assess yourself and do some research to find the right song. It might take some trial and error and help from others and the process cannot be rushed. Listed below are some ideas to help you find the perfect song.


  • Be sure to figure out a good key for you to sing in. This can be challenging because if you pick a song that is too high or too low, your voice can feel uncomfortable and the audience will probably pick up on it. Try out about 3 different keys before you make a decision of which one to use. You might find something different and fresh in a key you wouldn’t normally try. You could certainly ask a music teacher or family member to help you with this process as well.
  • Look for a song that really suits YOUR talent. That may mean singing something older instead of the latest, current, pop song on the radio. Your voice may not be right for such a song. Choosing something different and unique will impress your audience, instead of singing the same old popular songs other sings perform. Consider your voice type, your musical style, your range, and the state of your technique when choosing a song. Also, keep your audience in mind. Make sure you choose something fitting that they will enjoy listening to!
  • Stay away from songs sung by the “untouchables,” such as Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, and Michael Jackson. Anyone who is considered a “king” or “queen” of rock or pop, it can be difficult to walk in their shoes. You will be compared to their performance of the song, which is not usually a good thing. You may leave after your performance with a bruised ego.
  • Choose a song that is the appropriate mood and length for whatever you are performing for. As I said before, you want to entertain your audience, not put them to sleep or leave them bored. If you are doing an audition, perhaps singing something from the show you are auditioning for would be an idea, if it is right for your voice.
  • The main key to performing any song that you choose is to PRACTICE it! By spending time practicing you will be able to discover what styles are your favorites and sound the best in your voice. You want to find music that you can connect to personally, as this will help your performances as well!


If you are interested in taking voice lessons and choosing the perfect songs for you to sing, check out OSMD’s website today for more information! Good luck choosing your perfect song!

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