The Top 3 Questions asked about Children’s Music Lessons

How do I know if my child is ready for music lessons?

The answer to this question varies from child to child as each child develops at a different rate and has unique personalities and interests! However, we believe starting music lessons early is extremely advantageous! An early start has benefits in all aspects of your child’s life and musical career.

Please also note that we offer classes starting at 18 months and beyond! If you think about it: if a child can learn their letters, numbers, shapes, animals, animal sounds, etc., at such an early age… why can’t they learn to read music?

We have many class options tailored specifically to each age group and musical ability. Therefore, a better question might be, “what class is best for my child?”


What music lessons are available my child?

As mentioned above, the Omaha School of Music and Dance has many music lesson options. We have classes for toddlers, school age children, teens, and adults! In addition, we offer both group and private classes. A complete list is available on our website; however, we will briefly discuss the options here.

Group Classes

 The programs that we are currently offering in a group setting are our Music FunTime class and our introductory classes in piano, violin, voice, guitar, and musical theatre.

Music FunTime

Music FunTime is a beginner class for children 18 months to 7 years old. It is a theory-based program teaching all students to read music while being exposed to multiple percussion and string instruments. Music FunTime is based on strong fundamentals, positivity, building skills, and having lots of fun!

However, Music FunTime is not a simple playgroup where children sing, dance, jump & play instruments. The program is based on Johns-Hopkins Research that children 7 and under can learn to read music notation and symbols, play instruments, while fostering their ability to grasp math and science as they develop. Visit musicfuntime.org for more info!

Age Guideline: 18 months – 7 years

Introductory Group Classes

Our group lessons are beginner music lessons that focus on the initial learning of each instrument. About halfway the course, our teachers evaluate each student and work with the student and parent in deciding if the student is ready to move to a more advanced private class.

Intro to Piano
Age Guideline: 6-10 years

Intro to Violin
Age Guideline: 6-10 years

OSMD Children’s Choir
Age Guideline: 6-10 years

Intro to Guitar
Age Guideline: 7-10 years

Musical Theatre
Age Guideline: 10 years+


Private Classes

We also offer private, one-on-one classes for many instruments. The teacher’s at OSMD are versatile in their knowledge of many instruments including piano, trumpet, flute, trombone, clarinet, bassoon, guitar, drums, violin, cello, viola, and many more!


How will I be able to tell how my student is doing?

 The teachers, students, and parents work together to help each student succeed. This includes discussing weekly progress, areas of practice for the following week, and the overall growth of the student.

After every lesson, the teachers will give your student a practice sheet with instructions for practice the following week. Furthermore, oftentimes the teachers will walk your student to the lobby after the lesson. This is a great time to discuss the student’s progress in that particular lesson or overall.

As mentioned above, students in our group classes get formally evaluated each semester to determine their development and progress.

And as always, the parents are more than welcome to observe the lessons to see how their student is doing!


 Additional Questions?

  If you have more questions call 402-515-9639 to speak to someone at the studio.

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