Busy Schedule? Should I add Piano lessons?

Does your kid already have a busy schedule? With all the different activities going on in school and outside of school it’s hard to determine whether or not you should keep adding more. Well adding a piano lesson could have many benefits in your child’s daily life.

Benefits of Playing Piano

There are many benefits that come along with learning to play the piano. Here are some that may make you help decide whether or not to add piano lessons to your kid’s busy schedule:

  1. It Relieves Stress

Music from a piano is proven to be really soothing to the soul. Studies have shown that even just a few minutes of your busy schedule, playing the piano can lower blood pressure and make you feel more positive.

  1. Enhances Concentration Skills

Piano requires you to use both of your hands differently at the same time using your eyes and hands. Your child might seem frustrated at first, but with time and practice your child will not only be able to play wonderful tunes but he/she will sharpen your concentration skills.

  1. Improves Classroom Skills

Learning the piano helps improve many classroom skills from vocabulary to language. The aural awareness that develops while playing the piano makes it easier for you to understand the different stand patterns of foreign languages. Kids who learn music are exposed to different verbal sequencing and vocabulary than other kids who do not study music might not know. All these factors lead to overall better performance in the classroom such as improvement in reading. The piano has also proven that it helps kids who have trouble hearing in noisy backgrounds and can also fight dyslexia while it is still developing.

  1. Stimulates Growth and Strengthens Hand Muscles

The Human Growth Hormone in the human body has been found to have an alter growth in children who play the piano. These growth hormones keep a person energetic and prevent issues like body aches and pain in old age. The piano also strengthens the hand muscles, by maintaining the correct and proper hand positions The piano is a great way of developing dexterity in children.

  1. Building Confidence

Practicing piano can help build confidence in your child. Whether it’s playing in front of people or accepting criticism. Your child’s confidence will grow. Children who take piano lessons get continuous feedback and constructive criticism from their instructors. Piano lessons prepare them to accept criticism in a positive way.


The great thing about the piano is that there are different ways to practice.

  1. Break it up

The great thing about the piano is the best way to practice the piano more effectively is if you break up the lessons into shorter sessions such as 10-20 minutes session over a longer period of time. In doing so your brain has time to process what you’ve learned between your piano sessions, instead of practicing for one or two hours a week. The key to shorter practice sessions is to set small achievable goals.

  1. Use commuting time

Your time in the car can be used to improve your piano skills. For example, flashcards are great for reinforcing note-reading and other musical terms and symbols.

  1. Using apps
    The great thing about technology today is that you can practically do anything on them, which includes practicing piano. If you don’t have time throughout your busy schedule you can just use your phone or iPad to study. There are a lot of great piano apps you can play.
  2. Listen and Learn
    Anytime you have listened to music, you can use that for practicing. The more quality piano music you listen to, the more you learn about what great piano playing is. You can use recordings to learn a lot about the tone quality, the dynamic range of the piano, or great rhythmic accuracy.
  3. Mental Practice

If your free time for practicing is too early in the morning or late at night to be making noise on the piano, you can mentally practice. You could look at your music and visualize it in your mind and practice finger movements for playing it.

As you can see there are many different ways to practice and different benefits for playing the piano. Here in Omaha School of Music and Dance, you can schedule a time for your child’s lesson to fit your busy schedule here in Omaha, NE.

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