The Benefits of Playing Guitar

There are many benefits of playing the guitar.  The skills and practices learned by playing guitar have shown significant growth in children being able to solve fractions, problem solving, spatial relationships, abstract reasoning, and visualization. Kids learn fractions through music just by learning time signatures. Even pre-school students who play an instrument will learn reasoning skills quicker than normal. By playing music, a student can reduce their stress levels. By playing songs that are slower than the student’s heartbeat, the student can reduce his/her heartbeat. Thus, playing music is relaxing for the human heart, and exercising for the human mind. Learning to play an instrument will help the student develop discipline skills, and can enhance academic achievement and intelligence. Music is a creative way to boost confidence and self-esteem, and even increase the student’s hearing. Learning any instrument, especially piano or guitar, helps a student increase his/her hearing by teaching them to identify keys and notes by ear.

Guitar has similar benefits to learning any other instrument, however, learning the guitar also has its own benefits. When holding the guitar, the student has the ability to sit or stand. When the student is standing, he/she has more room for movement. Depending on the tempo of the song, the student can move around and dance to the music. Playing faster songs and moving around while playing the guitar will boost the student’s heartbeat, and give them a healthy amount of exercise. Research shows that people who play an instrument for at least 100 minutes a day have lower blood pressures and heart rates.

Playing the guitar can cause sharper brain functions in people, which can help guard against mental decline in the future. Playing can also help to take your mind off of and reduce chronic pain and can help reduce the stresses of daily life.

Based on the benefits listed above, confidence learned through guitar can help a student be confident anywhere in life, even going to a job interview later on. Learning the hand eye coordination helps student learn how to multitask while playing the instrument, and also while going about daily life tasks.

In summary, learning music in general has many benefits to a child. Each instrument also has its own benefits. Guitar has some of the best benefits a child can have through an instrument. If you are interested in guitar lessons for your child, visit our website today for more information! https://omahaschoolofmusicanddance.com/guitar-lessons-omaha-ne/ .

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