Benefits of Taking Drum Lessons at OSMD

I’m sure there are thousands of music schools across the nation; however, Omaha School of Music and Dance is particularly unique for its drum lessons. Omaha School of Music and Dance is conveniently located at 14505 California Street in Omaha, NE. To learn more about drum lessons and other classes we offer, feel free to contact us at (402)515-9639 or you can email us at info@osomad.com.

Benefits of Taking Drum Lessons at OSMD:

  • We offer both one-on-one lessons with a teacher of your choice AND group lessons!
  • The teachers work with you directly to reach your musical goals.
  • We understand that your day-to-day schedule can be hectic and that’s why we partner with LessonMate to make sure you never fall behind.
  • The drum teachers not only teach you how to play the drums but also focus on technique and skill to help you grow as a musician.

Get to Know Our Drum Teachers:

  • Russell and Mr. Elliot are our main drum teachers at Omaha School of Music and Dance
  • Both teachers are incredibly talented as they teach both beginner and intermediate drum lessons!
  • Looking for a reliable teacher that will help your student grow? Look no further! Elliot and Russell have been a huge part of the OSMD family for years now and their dedication and determination have really shown.

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