Benefits of Private Lessons for Ballet

Private Lessons for Ballet

Molly Scott

Is your teen serious about dancing? Are you a younger student looking to up your ballet game, to do what it takes to progress into intermediate and advanced levels? Are you an adult dancer looking to improve your technique?

Private ballet lessons might be the right fit for you! Having one-on-one lessons with the dance instructors at the Omaha School of Music and Dance will provide you with the personalized attention you need. Teachers will provide challenging exercises and routines to address and improve on problem areas.

Consider private ballet lessons for…

…improving the arch and point of your feet

…strengthening legs and ankles in order to progress to pointe

… improving flexibility of the back and legs

… auditions

… increasing endurance for jumps and extended routines

… learning the finer points of graceful movements

If the Omaha School of Music and Dance doesn’t offer the class you need at the time you can attend, consider private ballet lessons as an alternative. These private lessons are especially well suited to dancers who need to be dancing more than once per week. Lessons can be scheduled anytime, so long as our instructors and studio rooms are open and available.

Having one-on-one instruction with a dance teacher is almost like having a personal trainer! Without the teacher’s attention spread around a full classroom of dancers, the teacher can focus on your abilities and execution, making incremental changes that will result in long-term benefits, and addressing specific issues that might otherwise take up too much time in a group class. In this way, students receive the in-depth critique needed to improve the finer points of ballet technique. The solitary attention also means that there are fewer opportunities to rest as other dancers take turns during floor work. Doing these exercises in a series of sprints increases a dancer’s endurance and strength—especially if classes are taken more than twice a week.

Private dance lessons also provides dancers the opportunity to get personalized advice from teachers about purchasing shoes, stretching at home, and about what it means to make ballet a major part of your life.

If you’re interested in taking your ballet skills up a notch, register online, or give the Omaha School of Music and Dance a call to schedule your private ballet lessons. We look forward to having you join our family!

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