Ballet’s Strict Rewards

Ballet is considered to be one of the strictest art forms still around today. Not only does it require a lot of physical strength it also requires a very strong mind. You will no longer see a dance instructor slapping a student’s legs with a cane like you would years ago, but the art still does require a “leave it at the door” mentality. Ever since the beginning men and women who danced were expecting to carry themselves with dignity and effortless grace. Not only is ballet strict it also extremely competitive. Ballerinas are competitive with each other in the same way as musicians. They are not competitive in the same way an athlete is. Ballet does require extreme physical strength and stamina, but it is an art, not a sport.

Ballet may be strict but it instills many life skills in dancers. The kind of skill you will not only use in a studio, but you can take with you throughout life. It also teaches discipline. Dancers have to be disciplined to truly be masters of their craft. Ballet is an art that is made to show emotions and truly is beautiful, but it also requires perfection. With a strict practice routine and discipline that is attainable. Many have said ballet is the most demanding form of dance, but it also is known to be the most rewarding.

A huge reason ballet needs to be so strict is that it is the basis for all other dance forms in western dance. Being skilled in ballet will enhance your technique and all other abilities in dance. It is often neglected to know because many are not a fan of the style or strictness that it requires. It is difficult to perform any other skills or dance moves correctly if you do not have ballet down first. It is absolutely crucial to have a solid foundation in this to become an outstanding dancer.

Ballet is where most dancers learn their technique. It is very important to master technique before going to perform any other difficult skills or stunts in dance. Most performers will say this a key to success. Good technique will also help a dancer stray away from injuries and have a fast recovery time. The more ballet you practice will only improve coordination and awareness of your body. The form and lightness in your body that is required translates well in all other dance forms. If you do well in ballet you will do well in jazz, tap, and contemporary. Some people will argue and say you need to throw out all the skills you learn in ballet while doing hip-hop and street style dance, but that is false. Knowing the basis of ballet only makes you a more versatile dancer. It only makes all of your movement’s quality better. Most dancers will credit all of their skills and knowledge they have to ballet.

Dance is known as always blurring the lines when it comes to each style. With that, it is more important than ever to have a strong foundation and technique in ballet. To be a marketable performer versatility is extremely important. Dance is such a competitive industry so this really is a key to success. Ballet not only helps in all dance it can also help with stage presence in theater and music. Do not shy away from ballet because you are scared of the strict art this is something you can really use to your advantage to broaden all your horizons! Ballet is an art you can find all over Omaha. It is also one of the many things we are very passionate about at Omaha School of Music and Dance. Let us help you build your foundation of all dance, Register today!

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