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Have you ever wanted to take ballet lessons, but didn’t know where to start? Well at Omaha School of Music & Dance we are more than happy to help you get settled in the perfect class! We offer ballet lessons for all ages, and we are open 6 days a week! Ballet is a great way to achieve lifelong wellness with so many benefits. Don’t worry we put together a list of some of the best things you or your students can get from lessons!

Physical Strength

All forms of dance can be very physically demanding, and ballet is no exception. Attending lessons will help physical strength and endurance. Ballet requires a lot of practice, over time you should see your stamina increase along with your flexibility and overall fitness.

Focus and Mental Strength

Ballet involves a lot of physical activity and strength, but that is obvious to most people. Something not everyone knows is how much mental strength goes into it as well. Any kind of dance takes a lot of memory and comprehension. In our lessons, there is constant learning! The focus you learn in lessons can be carried out in all aspects of life.


How often do you find yourself or your student slouching? Whether it be at the dinner table or even while watching TV. This bad habit causes bad posture and can ultimately have long-term effects. One of the first things you will learn in ballet lessons is proper posture. The stances and positions will make you more aware of how to stand, sit, and walk. In most ballet positions and forms, dancers need to have straight vertical spines and square hips. This will help you watch the way you move and improve your overall posture.


For some people, confidence does not come easily. To help our dancers build more confidence we provide and safe and happy studio! Confidence is developed when our dancers practice, compete and learn how to respond to criticism. This is something that is not only helpful in lessons but hopefully, you can take and apply it to everyday life.

These are just a few important skills you can take away from lessons at Omaha School of Music and Dance. If you are interested in registering for ballet lessons, there are a few ways you can get started. You can visit us in person, we are located right off of 144th and Dodge, you can give us a call at (402) 515-9639, or visit our contact page.

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