5 Benefits to Young Children Taking Music FunTime Classes

Music FunTime is a class offered at the Omaha School Of Music and Dance for toddlers ages 18 months to 5 years old. It teaches music basics to these youngsters and prepares them for private and group lessons in the future. Listed below are benefits of taking this class at such a young age.


  1. Music FunTime is a theory-based program teaching all students to read music while being exposed to multiple percussion and string instruments. The students are able to experiment with the different instruments to see which they might be interested in playing when they are older.
  2. This program is geared to the piano, because piano is a string and percussion instrument. When students learn rhythms, symbols, and notation, it is much easier to learn to play any instrument. They will learn to match pitch, move, dance, and clap, and be exposed to various music genres.
  3. The primary goal of the class is to get students ready for private music lessons at their own pace where they will find music enjoyable. There are many hands on activities that make learning enjoyable for them.
  4. The program is structured, comprehensive, and progressive, which allows the teacher to work individually with each student in small groups to advance or slow down the curriculum to serve each student’s needs.
  5. This program is the strongest foundation of music theory available to the youngest of students. Johns-Hopkins neurological research has found that musical activities enhance the higher brain functions of abstract reasoning as well as spatial and temporal conceptualization. Music gives children the complete developmental package in all areas such as social, emotional, creative, language, and physical development. Here is a breakdown of each of these areas:
  • Social & Emotional: Practices sharing, express emotions, imitate and play with others, participate in games, builds special rituals
  • Language & Literacy: Verbal exploration, sing and vocal play, storytime and finger play, imitate sounds, learn simple rhymes
  • Cognitive: Develop routines, engage curiosity and imagination, identify pictures and sounds, clap and tap in time to music

–     Physical: Hold and shake instruments, turn pages of a book, run, jump, stop, and go


If your child has shown an interest in music, you should check out our website for the Music FunTime class and register for them today! It is a great program to teach the basics of music and a great social experience for your child! Go to our website for more information!


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