5 Benefits of Summer Dance Camp

Are you one of those parents who is frantically looking for something for you child to do during summer vacation? Have you thought about sending them to Summer Dance Camp? It can be a great opportunity for your kids! Here are 5 benefits of Summer Dance Camp:


  1. They will improve their learning skills. At dance camp, your child will develop the ability to focus and understand the concept of discipline, which they carry with them into all areas of life, including both home and school settings. This could help to lead to an improvement in academic performance at school in the fall!
  2. They will have fun and be creative. You won’t have to listen to them sitting around saying “I’m bored!” all summer long! Dance camp provides a variety of fun activities for children of all ages while they learn new moves, play fun games, and develop their creativity. As they learn new dance styles and skills, they may decide that dance should be an activity for them all year round! The environment is set up to be supportive and everyone understands to lend their support to the performers.
  3. They will improve their social skills. At dance camp, your child is sure to make new friends, maybe even life long friends. They will be exposed to a much more diverse group of kids then usual, and being around these kids will help them to be more self confident. As they become more self confident, they will become more comfortable meeting new people and building relationships.   Again, the environment is different in that there are not any cliques and groups as there are in schools. Everyone is equal, and this makes it easier to learn how to get along with your peers. They will learn to work as a team and overcome shyness and stage fright. They will learn how to be a performer!
  4. They will improve their physical health with a structured schedule. Dance is a type of aerobic activity, which is good for people of all ages. At dance camp, you child will improve their flexibility, range of motion, physical strength, stamina, balance, and coordination. They will begin developing healthy habits and healthy hearts!
  5. They will improve their self-confidence. Dance is an outlet for self-expression. When children learn to express their feelings that improves their self-esteem. As they master new skills they become more away of how their bodies work and move and they gain pride and a sense of accomplishment. All of the “new” things they will be doing adds up to a lot of growth for them that can give them the confidence they will need to handle challenges at school and later on in life as well!


If this sounds like a great idea for your child, sign up TODAY for Omaha School of Music and Dance’s Summer Music Camp which will be held July 11-14! You can call the studio to register or you can register online at. The themes for the dance camps are “Frozen” and “Batman vs. Superman.” Tell your friends and bring them along! It’s going be a great week-long camp!

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